Why Curves?


We’ve got this down to a science.

The Curves program delivers proven results. It’s been extensively studied at the Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory at Texas A&M University.

In recent studies:

Curves Complete participants lost more fat than participants on other leading diet programs.1


Curves Complete participants protected their lean muscle.2


Curves Fitness only participants burned up to 500 kcals per 30-minute session.3




We give you the tools to be successful.


Operations Support

The Operations Support Program is a virtual support program for new Curves franchise owners with a dedicated BDM designed to help you lay the foundations for a successful franchise. During these sessions we will cover, your training plan including your onsite visit, business hours, class scheduling, staff and management. Onboarding Certification The Onboarding certification is the most fully comprehensive web-based training program we offer for owners and staff. In addition to training modules, participants are assisted through live virtual sessions with an instructor, message boards, prescribed activities and assessments. There are two certifications available one for staff and one for owners. The Onboarding Certifications were developed to introduce new owners and staff to Curves’ operations and systems, as well as refresh existing owners’ and staff knowledge and skills.

The certification process will take you approximately 5 weeks to complete, and will focus on five areas:

  • Who is Curves
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Guest Production
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Management (owners and managers only)

Club Camp
Club Camp is a multi-day live training event that allows learners the opportunity to put the foundations that they learned in the onboarding certification into practice. At Club Camp we will train you on all aspects of our proven systems. Once you are pre-approved you will be contacted to select the Club Camp date you will attend. Completion of Club Camp is required prior to the execution of the Franchise Agreement.

Club Camp Follow-Up
Following Club Camp we will host follow-up calls with participants to answer any questions about the action plans established at Club Camp.


Ongoing Support

The Operations Support Program is a virtual support program for Curves franchise owners with a dedicated Busniess Development Manager (BDM) designed to help you lay the foundations for a successful franchise and continue to grow your business.

Curves Community
Once you become a Curves franchise owner, you will gain access to our comprehensive website that includes all of the tools you need to operate your business. This site is where you will find your Curves Mail account, guidance documents, and the latest information on local and national advertising.

Curves Learning Community
The Curves Learning Community is your one-stop for all training needs for you and your staff. If you have followed the action steps- to ensure your staff has an account on the Curves Learning Community each of your staff has their own unique account where you can assign, track and measure training results. This is a free resource to you and your staff.



Curves Marketing utilizes the National Ad Fund to provide an array of tools and services to assist centers in promoting Curves in their Community, supporting existing members with great programs, and building new memberships. Marketing provides internal and external marketing templates such as ads, flyers, and signage; public relations materials such as press releases and media materials; allowing prospects to book appointments online directly to your center; online and email advertising materials; corporate accounts and medical outreach programs; national partnerships; and much more. Marketing offers information and downloadable marketing files.



The Opportunity Is Everywhere

Thousands of Curves locations today empower women across six continents. We are located in over 75 countries, including the United States. Explore this map to see our more than 4,000 locations. Where will yours thrive? Click here to see if a Curves franchise is available in your area.